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Exploring the Use of Chronic Opioid Therapy for Chronic Pain: When, How, and for Whom?

Medical Clinics of North America, Volume 100, Issue 1, January 2016, Pages 81 - 102

This article provides a broad overview regarding intent to initiate and consider ongoing chronic opioid therapy (COT) for treatment of chronic noncancer pain (CNCP). COT should be an individualized decision based on a comprehensive evaluation, assessment, and monitoring. It is imperative that providers discuss various risks and benefits of COT initially and at follow-up visits, and continue appropriate monitoring and follow-up at regular intervals. The decision to initiate or continue opioid therapy is based on clinical judgment; however, it is understood that opioid and other medication therapy represent one piece of the complete treatment plan for patients with CNCP.

Keywords: Chronic opioid therapy, Chronic noncancer pain, Pain management, Opioid risk management, Opioid induced respiratory depression.


a Pain Management, Minneapolis VA Health Care System, Minneapolis, MN, USA

b Pain Management, Harry S. Truman Memorial Veterans’ Hospital, Columbia, MO, USA

c Pain & Palliative Care, Stratton VA Medical Center, Albany, NY, USA

d Pain Management, PGY2 Pain & Palliative Care Pharmacy Residency, Stratton VA Medical Center, Albany, NY, USA

e Western New England University College of Pharmacy, Springfield, MA, USA

f Albany College of Pharmacy & Health Sciences, Albany, NY, USA

g University of Connecticut School of Pharmacy, Storrs, CT, USA

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